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Workers' Compensation

MEGA offers workers compensation insurance to public entities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Our program provides first-dollar coverage for all losses. Premium calculation is based upon the current rates issued by the WCRIB, the member’s individual experience modification factor and MEGA’s rate deviation. Rate deviations are offered at policy inception and represent significant up-front savings to members. MEGA does not participate in the Department of Industrial Accidents assessment program, so no DIA assessment is charged to group members. MEGA conducts an annual payroll audit at the close of the fund year to reconcile estimated payroll and corresponding premium to actual year-end numbers.

When claims are incurred, the member need only report the loss to MEGA via facsimile or via our Internet Claims Edge (iCE) reporting system. Thereafter, MEGA assumes responsibility for adjudicating the claim and paying all related benefits. The member employer representative is afforded input into the decision and strategy process.

The Department of Industrial Accidents website contains, among other items, an Employer Handbook for additional reference regarding who must have workers compensation insurance and how to file claim-related information.


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