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CompRX - Pharmacy Program

As an enhancement to our Workers’ Compensation program, we utilize a pharmacy program for selected workers’ compensation claims. This program, called CompRx, is offered and will be managed by our claims administrator, CCMSI. It is available to you at no cost. Below are some highlights of the program that we wanted to share with our members about this benefit:

What are the advantages of CompRx?

  • Substantially lower pricing resulting in claims savings that benefits both the group and our members.

  • Injured employees requiring repeat prescriptions can fill them within a wide network of pharmacies. The injured employee will not have to pay any out of pocket costs, avoiding the wait for reimbursement.

Who is eligible?

  • The claims administrator will identify the claims they feel are appropriate for the program and will issue the card to the injured worker.

  • In general, the benefit will be offered to injured workers requiring ongoing medications.

  • In cases of hardship, CCMSI can arrange for a one time prescription to be filled for an injured worker. The claims adjuster will make these arrangements on a case by case basis.

How does it work?

  • Once the adjuster determines the benefit is appropriate for a claimant, a card and letter are mailed directly to the injured worker.

  • The injured worker then has their prescription filled at one of the network pharmacies.

  • The card allows the filling of commonly prescribed medications for work related injuries.

What if an injured employee has a medication that is not included in the list of common workers’ compensation drugs?

  • The pharmacy will require approval from the claims adjuster for any of these medications and they will contact the claims adjuster to obtain approval.

  • If an injured worker raises this issue to you, please call the claims adjuster to expedite the approval process.

If you would like further details on CompRx, please contact us.

Program Brochure

CompRX Flyer