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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find answers to common questions regarding MEGA membership.

Public Entities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts who meet the group’s underwriting criteria, are approved by the Board of Directors, and are approved by the excess carrier are eligible.

MEGA uses the workers’ compensation rates set by the Workers’ Compensation Rating Inspection Bureau (WCRIB).

No. MEGA is affiliated with the WCRIB and your payroll and claim information will continue to be reported to them for calculation of your experience modification factor. This experience mod will then be used in the calculation of your premium.

MEGA offers competitive rates for its members. The program is designed to benefit the members of MEGA, which has lower overhead than commercial carriers. Because of the outstanding experience of the membership, the program receives a very competitive rate on reinsurance.

No, all loss control services are provided to MEGA members at no additional cost.

Members of MEGA have two options available to them. They are able to pay in one installment or four installments.

MEGA is a member-owned, self-insured group governed by a Board of Directors represented by member entities.

Yes. Excess loss reinsurance has been purchased by the program to protect against catastrophic losses. Chubb is our reinsurance carrier and is rated by A.M. Best as an A+ Company.

The Board of Directors are executives of member entities who participate in the MEGA program.

Yes, please use the contact form at the right or call our Account Manager, Danielle Libby, at 781.683.1083.

If you would like additional information on these successful programs, please contact